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Focus on the fireside chairs

Focus on the fireside chairs

While the cocooning spirit gradually takes hold of us, we readily multiply the very soft seats in the living room or in the bedroom. It's the perfect time to fall for a fireside chair! Well furnished with foam as we like, this seat without armrests folds to all styles so that everyone can enjoy a delicious moment of relaxation in their own way…

Good reasons to invest in a fireside chair

If at home, everyone is fighting for a place on the sofa why not invest in a fireside chair? Indeed, the month of November marks the beginning of a long series of TV evenings during which the slower ending up on the beanbags and stools look sad. So what are we waiting for to put comfort first? It is time to take a closer look at the fireside chairs, all the more so since they now sport increasingly modern and practical looks.

A question of style

Fans of aesthetics will love upholstered or leather models, teens will prefer those with graphic patterns or Union Jack, while the most classic will opt for copies in fabric of sober color and topped with a very soft cushion. For the sake of convenience, easy-moving wheelchair users should appeal to more than one. Also very smart, the Ikéa removable models change color to the rhythm of our mood while the Alinéa fireside chair / ottoman plays a double game thanks to its reclining seat. Finally, whatever the style chosen, there is the possibility of assembling 3 or 4 similar models side by side to improvise a modular sofa. Besides, Fly offers fireside chairs with a double long seat to create this corner sofa effect! And to play it decorative, think of surfing on a mismatched look by alternating the patterns and colors of each fireside chair. And finally, on the budget side, it takes around 50 to 300 €.