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How to decorate a boy's room in a vintage style?

How to decorate a boy's room in a vintage style?

Question from Valérie

vintage, could you give us some advice? Thank you. >>

Deco answer: to find vintage decoration, the easiest way is to start hunting for real treasures in garage sales!

Hello Valérie, you have in mind to make a room in bluish gray for your 7 year old son: it is a very good idea because unusual compared to what we are used to seeing in boys' rooms! A word of advice: do not choose a shade that is too dark because it is south facing so that it is not too hot in summer and prefer a velvety finish that is washable ... In a child's room, it is imperative! In order to give it a vintage spirit, I advise you to bring retro-design furniture from the 50s and 60s and 70s that you can easily find in garage sales, at Emmaüs or in specialized stores that restore furniture from yesteryear by bringing a contemporary touch through the colors chosen. A small school chair in wood and steel, a desk, old toys passed down from generation to generation or simply a colorful vintage poster framed in a pretty anthracite gray wooden frame can bring a real vintage touch to bedroom. You too, send us your decoration question