White mulberry

White mulberry

The white mulberry (Morus alba), also called common mulberry, is a fruit tree whose origins are found in Southeast Asia. It then spread over the Mediterranean region during the 8th century. It is very cultivated for its leaves which are used to feed silkworms. This earned him the nickname "" mulberry of the silkworm "". Thewhite mulberry tree belongs to the Moraceae family. The fruit varieties give black, white or purple berries. The leaves are quite long and generally dark green in color.

White mulberry plantation

The white mulberry plant morus alba should be planted in spring or fall. The ability of the roots to choose a correct location for the tree must be taken into account. The mulberry tree generally measures ten meters in height, but it can reach 20, even 30 meters high. It has a lifespan between 100 and 150 years, it tolerates drought and wind but does not support the seaside environment.

White mulberry growth

Flowering takes place during the spring and the fruits mature at the end of the summer. For the tree to grow in good conditions, it needs a sunny or semi-shaded exposure. During the first years of life, the growth of the tree is quite rapid. It then becomes much slower. The white mulberry flower appears in late spring.

Caring for white mulberry

The white mulberry does not need any special maintenance but it is important that the lawn around its foot is mowed regularly. White mulberry is propagated by cuttings.

Uses of white mulberry

The leaves of the white mulberry can be used as fodder for livestock and its fruits as a food supplement for poultry. On uncultivated land, planting it will enrich the soil. Adapting easily to atmospheric pollution, it is used as a road tree. Its roots prevent soil erosion.

Properties of white mulberry

Its fruits, in the Middle East, have a culinary use. Dried blackberries are more and more used in our country, their flavor recalls that of honey. Rich in trace elements, the white mulberry berry has a very interesting antioxidant power. It is also recognized for its richness in potassium and magnesium.