Feature: the garden even in autumn

Feature: the garden even in autumn

Summer is officially over! But don't give up on the garden either. Not only can the weather be mild, but there are also tips for enjoying the garden even in autumn. We tell you everything in our file.

The garden comes alive in the fall

Contrary to what one might think, the beginning of autumn does not ring the death of the garden! On the contrary, it will come alive for a few weeks by adorning itself with extraordinary colors and by proposing an aerial ballet of dead leaves. It is also a period during which the garden is prepared for its entry into winter. Put the tools away, make sure the plants are healthy and there is always the lawn to maintain and the leaves to collect. A whole program you will understand.

We settle down a bit more in the garden

To enjoy the garden longer, know that there are also some tips. The idea is not to drop your outdoor space but to redouble your interest to keep it for some time. Several solutions are available to you ! You will be able to equip yourself with an outdoor heater that will allow you to enjoy the sunny but cooler days of fall. And why not extend swimming thanks to the installation of a shelter which will preserve the water temperature. Finally, be aware that you can also enjoy the garden when you are indoors. For this, we put for example on lighting that will enhance the garden even from the window of your living room!