Feature: tips for optimizing a student studio before school starts

Feature: tips for optimizing a student studio before school starts

Back to school is approaching and it's time to think about or review the layout of your student's studio. To find out how to best optimize each square centimeter of its small room, follow the guide!

For the sleeping area

Despite the small size of his studio, it is important to put together a practical and comfortable sleeping area for your student. For this, we opt for clever solutions such as the mezzanine bed which allows you to slide under a desk, a sitting area or storage for your belongings. You can also bet on a convertible sofa that folds up in the blink of an eye and gives it space to move around. Finally, always think practical when choosing the bedside table or the storage space for your clothes. Wall cupboards, cubes or even beds and sofas with a chest will be your best allies.

For his meals

In addition to the kitchenette already present in his studio, your student will need some additional storage to store his provisions or his dishes. So we put on a narrow but very practical service that will accommodate anything he wants to slide. To take your meals, it is not always possible to install a small dining table. We play it smart, and we install a tablet on the wall which folds down once lunch or dinner is over. The plus: it can also be used as an office.

What about the bathroom?

Is your student determined not to take a shower in the common bathroom on the landing? Do not panic, we set up a small corner of water in his studio with clever furniture. To start, choose a narrow vanity unit with a small cupboard so that it can slide in its beauty products. Then, prefer the wall shelves which will save a few centimeters on the ground and which will accommodate your bathroom linen. Finally, think about the towel rack! This will prevent him from leaving his lying around in a corner of his studio.