Climb a stone staircase

Climb a stone staircase

Some stone staircases are real architectural marvels. However, their name should not delude their potential buyers. Because today, the vast majority of so-called "stone" stairs are actually made of concrete, then only dressed in stones. However, they do not lose any of their charm. The materials used can then vary according to the tastes and desires of each.

Which stone to choose for your staircase?

Granite or marble are among the most expensive stones likely to dress a staircase. It will be preferable to choose these two raw materials rather than polished: thus, the steps will resist better to shocks and common aggressions. Reconstituted stones are much more affordable. Lighter, they are also easier to install. Finally, white and blue stones constitute the mid-range. Their choice will allow you to stay natural for lower prices than marble or granite.

Stone laying

Stone, whether natural or reconstituted, is laid in the same way as tiling. Layout and blanking will be necessary before moving on to their possible cutting. We will then start from the top of the stairs down, taking care to dress the step first and then the riser. And if the staircase cannot be condemned during installation, it is then advisable to dress only one out of two steps in order to allow its use during the complete drying time.