Install a door unit

Install a door unit

The door unit is a set consisting of a door, its frame and its fittings. Whether as part of a renovation or construction project, the installation of a door unit is a task accessible to all, provided you choose the right model, and do it in the right order.

How to choose a suitable door unit?

To choose a door unit suitable for an interior, it is all a question of measures. These must be taken once the old frame has been dismantled, both on the height and on the width of the future structure. Before embarking on the bulk of the work, it will also be necessary to decide the direction of opening of the door (it will be according to the possibilities of arrangement of the space). The door units are generally standardized. However, it is possible to readjust them on the height using a handsaw.

Installation of the door unit

First of all, the door unit must be properly inserted in its final location. It is then made to rest on 5 mm shims (representing the space under the door), then it is immobilized in the table with wooden shims. Before fixing it, make sure it is level: measure the two diagonals of the frame, which must be the same length.

Attaching the door unit

The door unit is fixed using dowels adapted to the wall material. Once in place, the legs of the uprights are moistened before sealing them to the ground (with cement) and letting them harden. Once this step has been completed, all that remains is to inject a sealing foam around the perimeter of the frame, then install the moldings.