Mount a shelf with invisible fixing

Mount a shelf with invisible fixing

More aesthetic and simpler to install than traditional shelves, the shelves with invisible fixings are ideal for a modern and refined interior. Available in a wide range of materials and colors, an invisible fixing shelf will enhance the wall and be very easy to attach to the wall.

The invisible fastening system

Sold as a complete kit, it is a special tablet, relatively thick, pierced with two or more holes and which cross it partially in width but remain invisible from the front. This type of shelf is supplied with a wall hanging system called "plate". It is made of metal for more solidity and provided with long rods which will hold the tablet from the inside. This system can support more or less weight depending on the quality of the materials.

The choice of location and landmarks

To help you choose the layout of the invisible fixture shelf, ask a second person for help. Hold the tablet against the wall, try different heights and check that there are no electrical wires or pipes in the chosen location. Draw small marks in pencil and check the fit of the mounting holes of the plate on these traces. Place a spirit level on it before fixing to make sure that it is level with the shelf.

Attaching the invisible shelf

Equip yourself with a drill and a drill bit adapted to the composition of the wall as well as dowels and screws, these are sometimes supplied with the shelf. Drill and plug the holes in the wall at the location of the marks, then screw the plate. Place the shelf facing the horizontal rods and insert it by sliding it up to the support. On some models, it will be necessary to tighten the security screws placed under the shelf.