Laying Japanese straw

Laying Japanese straw

100% natural, Japanese straw is obtained from vegetable fibers (straw, bamboo, raffia ...), which are knotted and then woven by hand, before being laminated on paper. It brings a zen and nature touch to your interior. Made delicate by the density of the fibers, its installation requires the greatest care.

Laying Japanese straw: preparing the wall

Japanese straw should be fixed on a dry, healthy, clean and perfectly flat support. If there are cracks, seal them with plaster, then sand the irregularities with a fine-grained abrasive. Dust off. Wash the wall, then let it dry.

How to lay Japanese straw?

Japanese straw is most often in the form of rolls with a width of 90 centimeters. Buy a glue suitable for special wall coverings, which allows good adhesion of Japanese straw, thread-by-thread textiles, metallized papers ... Apply the glue on the back of each strip, then leave to soak for a few minutes (follow the instructions given on packaging), to thoroughly impregnate the strips. Japanese straw stands like a classic wallpaper. However, since the fabric shrinks slightly when it dries, plan to fix the second strip slightly superimposed on the first. Also take care to lay the strips correctly according to the direction of the fibers, all in the same direction.

Caring for Japanese straw

Japanese straw is maintained with a damp sponge and a small soft brush.