Lay loose carpet

Lay loose carpet

The free laying of a carpet, that is to say without the use of glue, is appreciated because of its relative ease of execution, but also for the possibility of changing it in the blink of an eye. As with linoleum, this technique is suitable for small areas and rooms with low passage. You can use any kind of carpet, regardless of the quality of its backing.

Laying loose carpet: the laying steps

First, prepare the support: it must be free of dirt, free of moisture and absolutely flat and smooth. If it is not the case, you will have to clean it and fill the holes, possibly carrying out a leveling. Then, we position the carpet on the floor and cut it all around, along the walls of the room. To do this, you can use a cutter, scissors and / or a trimmer.

Lay loose carpet: the adhesive tapes

For greater durability of your carpet, it may be prudent to use double-sided adhesive tapes. Unfortunately, only carpets with a needle felt backing allow this system. First place the strips, without removing their protection, along the wall and also diagonally. If necessary, for a larger room, you can add more. Take care not to stick the strips too close to the wall, reserving a space of a few centimeters. Then go to one side, preferably near the door for convenience, and unroll the carpet leaving a few inches against the wall. After cutting off the excess, using a cutter, at the threshold of the door, use the trimmer to go around the room, and refine the angles with scissors. You can then remove the protection from the adhesive, before applying the carpet carefully.