Mount a 6 amp plug

Mount a 6 amp plug

Among the small electrical works which allow the condition of an electrical installation to be easily improved, replacing a 6 amp plug is often a necessary operation. Many old lamps have small 6 amp plugs for low power (around 1,300 watts maximum). Creating a file on a new electrical creation is also very easy to envisage.

Mount a 6 amp plug: little power for a specific use

A 6 amp plug is used on small lamps or small electrical appliances. Replacing it is very easy. To convert it into a modern 6 amp plug made of ceramic alloy and with enhanced security, you must first have the right model. To do this, you should first opt ​​for a product that adapts well to the space for which it is intended. Once the right model has been acquired, a few simple tips are enough to adapt the plug to the desired electric cable in a few minutes.

Mount a 6 amp plug: safety and simplicity

Of course, you must first cut the power. The 6 amp plug can be installed using an electric screwdriver. It may be necessary to cut and strip the wires depending on their condition. For this, a special pliers, or failing that, a pair of scissors, are quite suitable. Opening the socket is simple since the mechanism often consists of a classic clip system. Once the plug is open, connect the two wires of the electrical cable to which you want to add the plug. Only one precaution is necessary, pass the cable through the correct hole in the plug before making the connections. The card is then closed.