In detail

The Mexican skull in decoration

The Mexican skull in decoration

In a room

One of the prettiest ways to showcase a Mexican head frame in a bedroom is to hang it on the top of the bed. If you don't have a headboard, it can be a great idea to display some pretty pictures to add a touch of pep. And if you have a chest of drawers or wall shelves, the Mexican skull will also find its place simply placed on it in a frame or object. And for those who love Mexican decor, skull and duvet covers exist! And there are all colors, for all tastes.

For a nice decoration in the living room

Above the sofa in the middle of a jumble of frames, this is a beautiful place to showcase a Mexican head. Placed on a wall shelf, with on the one hand a pretty little cactus, on the other a holiday photo, it can also beautify your living room with a snap of your fingers. The Mexican head declined in patterns on a plaid or cushions offers a particular style to your interior and dresses your sofa so easily and at low cost! Vary the colors and the materials to bring a chic side to your living room, today a real living room.

To decorate the entrance

Who said that the entrance to a house was not entitled to its decorative touch? Surely not us! What could be nicer than entering the house and discovering a small corner all decorated with a pretty Mexican head. Above a chest of drawers, a plant, the shoe cabinet, or next to the coat rack, it's a motif that really fits in everywhere. Try it, you will see! The rendering can only satisfy you.

To dress the corridor

Often forgotten, the corridor can also be decorated. And this Mexican head will decorate your hallway in the twinkling of an eye. On one side a large horizontal mirror to give an impression of depth, on the other a small console very fine with some small green plants next to our famous Mexican head and voila!

In an office

If this room stays to work, nothing prevents to decorate it. On the contrary, you will feel better when working in a gay space and furnished by you. And this is all the more true when you are self-employed and therefore are from morning to evening in your office. Nobody wants to spend their days in a room without a minimum of layout. So at work, we redo the decor!

In the toilets

And why not ? Your toilets also have the right to be decorated. Hanging on the wall above the toilet or placed on a wall shelf, the Mexican head will dress your room simply and soberly. And if you have a sink in your toilet or your toilet is in your bathroom, you can quite hang it next to a small mirror for example. In black and white, in color or in relief, you will necessarily find the model you like!

For fans of Mexican heads…

In frame, object, decorative pattern for a duvet cover, carpet, tapestry or on cushions, there are many ways to integrate the Mexican skull in our interiors. Whatever your style of decoration, it will blend perfectly into the decor. Any idea is good to take, but don't overdo it;)