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What is the price of an above ground pool?

What is the price of an above ground pool?

The price of an inflatable and freestanding above ground pool

It is THE most economical type of above ground pool! The inflatable pool offers everyone the opportunity to take advantage of a water point to cool off. And for good reason, there are prices ranging from ten euros for the smallest formats (type paddling pool for children) to a hundred euros for standard formats. For large inflatable pools, count between 400 and 600 euros with the filtration kit.

Regarding the freestanding pools, it takes a hundred euros or even thousands of euros for the most equipped and more luxurious models.

The price of an above ground pool kit

More solid, resistant and more aesthetic, the above-ground pool kit is more expensive to buy but more durable. Generally, they are sold with all the elements that compose it. And very often, it is up to you to choose if you want to assemble it yourself or have it done. Be aware that it is possible to have a difference of 40% between the price of an above-ground swimming pool in kit with or without installation.
In any case, this type of swimming pool has the advantage of existing in multiple materials:

  • the pool in tubular kit: often made of PVC, it is the most economical. The price varies from a hundred euros to 6000 euros.
  • The pool in steel kit: made up of assemblable panels, the assembly is very easy. Plan a budget of 1000 to 10,000 euros for more elaborate models.
  • The wooden kit pool: more authentic and cozy, it is often the preferred solution. The catch? Its assembly is more complicated and often requires the help of a specialist. Count 1000 euros for entry-level and up to 15 000 euros for the rarest wood species.

Other criteria that increase the price

You understood, the price of an above ground pool depends above all on the type of model you choose. But other criteria can also increase the budget of an above-ground swimming pool. This is the case, as we told you, with the pose option. Shape and dimensions also have a role to play. The larger, deeper and more unusual your above ground pool, the higher the price.

You may also add some accessories during your purchase. In fact, some models of kit swimming pools do not necessarily contain a filtration and pool maintenance kit. Not to mention the ladder, the protective cover or the heat pump or solar heating. They will therefore have to be added to your list of costs.
Finally, be aware that your land may not be suitable for installing an above-ground swimming pool. Since a flat and uneven surface is required to guarantee the stability of the pool, you may need to pour a concrete slab to install it. A detail that can add up to 1000 euros of expense!