Why use a landscaper?

Why use a landscaper?

Designing your garden yourself is a complex exercise, where you often make mistakes. A landscaper will know how to design a garden that looks like you and that will beautify over the years. Pierre-Alexandre Risser, landscaper, explains the added value of his profession.

What is the difference between a gardener, a landscape gardener and a landscape architect?

A gardener plants and maintains the garden, but does not design it. A gardener-landscaper or garden contractor can realize and arrange the garden. As for the landscape architect, he designs the garden without realizing it. For this, he calls on a gardener.

What is the added value of the landscaper?

He has a global vision of the garden. He knows how to organize vegetation, traffic and decoration in order to stick to his client's lifestyle. Hence the importance of knowing how to ask the right questions. Depending on whether the person lives alone, as a couple, with children, animals, whether he receives a lot or not, whether he likes to garden or not, we will not design the same garden. The landscaper will be able to express all of this in the landscape of the garden.

Should a landscaper do exactly what the client wants him to do?

Not necessarily. His role is also to advise at best. Some requests are technically impossible to fulfill. Or, a customer may want grass or an unsuitable plant species that will not be able to grow due to exposure or the weather. The landscaper must be able to offer him something else.

What knowledge should a landscaper have?

He must know the soil and the earth, biology, ecology, climate, diseases and pests, masonry, carpentry. He must, of course, know the plants and have good experience with them. It must also have its own sensitivity in terms of layout and decoration. Finally, he must have a good ability to listen and advise. It is up to him to guess what the client does not say. The whole challenge is to manage to make a garden that appeals to the customer because he looks like him. However, a relationship of trust must be established between the landscaper and his client. Otherwise, it is better to change the landscape.

Can a landscaper also act as simple advice?

Yes, to do a garden study, for example. He can imagine the future garden with its paths, hedges, living spaces, possibly a pergola, and plants, of course. The customer can then make his own garden, little by little. This will save him from many of the mistakes he would have made while working alone. Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"