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What color should you give with a baroque style decoration?

What color should you give with a baroque style decoration?

From the Portuguese "Barrocco" meaning the shape of an irregular stone, the baroque illustrates opulence, profusion and exuberance. Moldings, gilding, monumental chandeliers make up this atypical and original universe that appeared in Italy in the 17th century. Used in a living room, this particularly ostentatious style requires the use of a suitable color or wallpaper.

Sophisticated painting

Trendy and elegant, the Baroque decoration is updated and modernized. Painting a wall in gray in a baroque living room is becoming very modern today. This contemporary touch gives a breath of fresh air to a sometimes ultra classic style. Black paints with lamé or iridescent material effects are also original tools for decorating walls, for a chic and refined decoration.

A classic or trompe-l'oeil wallpaper

All those who wish to find a style of yesteryear will opt for a wallpaper with patterns forming scrolls and arabesques. In addition, black floral prints on a white background or licorice gray padded appearance are very trendy and go perfectly with a Baroque style. The profusion or the trompe-l'oeil are characteristic themes of this style. Chic and elegant, these patterns on wallpaper will dress up a room. The Baroque universe then takes on its full dimension between opulence and artistic richness.

Revisited furniture

Up to date, Baroque furniture invests the interiors with finesse. A chest of drawers with golden ornaments, a Louis XV chair or mirror with golden scrolls are all classics of Baroque design. This furniture is found today in decoration stores. The gilding of a mirror, the black of a chest of drawers, the crystal of a chandelier are thus used and diverted by the designers. These combine classic and modernity in their creations for a refined and resolutely contemporary style. Offering another look at this movement, decorators add color to your interior. Silver, pink, orange adorn the Louis XV style furniture. Quirky and modern, these colors take place in our interiors for a decoration in the air of time placed under the sign of the baroque. Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"