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Chairs bend to your liking

Chairs bend to your liking

When you have little space but you like to receive friends, you have to be tricky to be able to make everyone sit! The practical tip: folding chairs to fold and unfold at will, to slide under the bed or to hang on the wall.

The boom of folding chairs

With the problem of small spaces, folding chairs have developed considerably in furniture stores but also in our interiors. They are adopted for their practicality and space saving which does not put aside the comfort of the seat. You can store the chairs anywhere when you don't need them. The chairs can be unfolded when you receive guests.

The new decorative accessory

And the folding chair is certainly not a piece of furniture to be ashamed of. On the contrary, it is displayed in the decor! You can for example hang them on the wall by choosing very colorful models to energize your room. In terms of decoration, this type of chair is now very successful. There are chairs with very decorative patterns on the theme of London or New York, sleek and trendy shapes and even designer chairs like the Pantone collection which takes on the colors of the color chart. Moreover, the folding chairs are also installed around the dining room table to create an unexpected and unconventional effect. Discover our selection of folding chairs for small spaces. Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"